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Why Do You Need Us?

Our expert teams of restructuring, turnaround and debt advisory specialists can offer the most effective advice to businesses of all sizes who face an increasingly challenging environment.

Our role is to assist owners, management teams and other stakeholders to ensure their businesses are maximising potential.
By providing clear objective advice and outlining the options available, we help our clients avoid commercial pitfalls and to manage and minimise any adverse consequences to an organisation or its owners.

Our restructuring teams have many years of experience and our focus is to facilitate positive outcomes for all stakeholders. We can provide turnaround and restructuring services, undertake liquidation and administration appointments, assist in negotiations with lenders and creditors, perform viability, monitoring and debt advisory reviews.

In more challenging circumstances, we can relieve pressure on distressed businesses by negotiating with creditors, HM Revenue and Customs, lenders and, via our extensive lender network, provide access, if appropriate, to funding options including venture capital, invoice finance, and asset-backed lending. If a company cannot be protected by informal agreements, we will, if appropriate, seek to arrange a Company Voluntary Arrangement which can allow a business to remain operational while sorting out its historic financial problems.


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