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Restructuring News - 28 02 2018

Dip in number of companies going bankrupt welcome but masks ongoing battle firms face to stay afloat

Many people see it as good news that the number of Scottish companies going into liquidation or administration has decreased since last year. According to the latest figures[1], a total of 223 Scottish companies became insolvent in the final quarter of 2017 compared with 229 during the same period in 2016. It certainly is a welcome sign, but the decline conceals the fact that many companies continue to struggle through the current economic difficulties.

Restructuring News - 27 02 2018

Administrators appointed at North East Scotland Credit Union

Dina Devalia and Stephen Goderski of PKF Geoffrey Martin & Co have been appointed as Joint Administrators of North East Scotland Credit Union Limited.

Restructuring News - 26 02 2018

How to improve business resilience

Across the island of Ireland, improving business resilience has never been more important, says Feargal McCormack. The concept of business resilience is attracting a lot of attention at the moment. One of the best definitions is by BSI, the UK national standards body. It describes resilience is ‘the ability of an organisation to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to incremental change and sudden disruptions in order to survive and prosper’. As businesses across the island of Ireland, prepare for Brexit, this ability has never been more important.

Restructuring News - 19 02 2018

60 percent of online spending goes abroad

Ireland’s burgeoning consumer spending has ignited a surge in online shopping, but the upswing in digital purchases has come at the expense of local retailers.

Restructuring News - 15 02 2018

How to survive losing a customer

Whilst a number of advisory practices have been quick to jump on the bandwagon of the recent Carillion disaster and its potential repercussions in the supply chain by promoting their services, this article will try and give some practical pointers on the wider reaching challenges businesses face when they lose a key customer and some useful ideas on how to deal with it.

Restructuring News - 19 01 2018

Liquidation of Carillion – what action can contractors and suppliers take?

An insolvency in any construction project can be complicated but the liquidation of Carillion, the UK’s second biggest construction firm, will be particularly complex. This will have a significant impact on Carillion’s supply chain affecting many businesses in the construction industry and beyond.

Restructuring News - 17 01 2018

Implications of Carillion's collapse

Construction firm Carillion has entered compulsory liquidation in a move that has put 43,000 jobs at risk across the world. It comes after the construction and facilities management giant failed to secure short-term financial support from stakeholders.

Restructuring News - 15 01 2018

More than half of consumers still saving

More than half of Irish consumers are continuing to save for a rainy day.

Restructuring News - 13 01 2018

Governent debt leaves Ireland exposed - Moodys

Gross government debt was around €8bn higher at the end of September than the same month last year.

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